A Beginners Guide to a Triathlon

A Beginners Guide to a Triathlon

Well the Pinkie Tri is almost here, and then the following week is our very own PURSUIT Fitness Triathlon Event Series, so I hope you are all  participating and have registered, it’s going to be a lot of fun and a great way  to keep fit and challenge yourself.

A few things to consider if you are doing the events are:

  1. What are you going to wear, and have you practiced wearing it in your training to make sure there’s no chaffing, its not too hot, it doesn’t ride up, it doesn’t slow you down and most importantly, does it make you look awesome?
  2. What are you going to have for breakfast and have you practiced eating it before training to make sure you don’t get a stitch or bloat, that it digests easily, and most importantly does it taste yummy and is it good for you?
  3. Has your bike been serviced to make sure its running smoothly, tyres pumped up, chain lubed, do you have a helmet and most importantly, have you practiced riding your bike?
  4. Do you have goggles, have you practiced swimming and most importantly, do they co ordinate with your swim outfit?
  5. Do your running shoes have elastic laces so that you can have a faster transition, have you practiced running, are you planning to run with or without socks and more importantly have you practiced your finishing pose for the camera when you run over the finishing line?

Checklist of items you will need:

  1. Togs or tri suit
  2. Bathing cap and goggles
  3. Bike and helmet
  4. Running shoes , socks if youre wearing them
  5. Hat and sunglasses
  6. Shorts to put on if youre not wearing a trisuit or riding and running in your togs
  7. A towel in transition and sunscreen applied before you race.
  8. Vaseline or body glide to prevent chaffing and strapping tape to stop any blisters if you’re running without socks
  9. A bag to carry everything into transition
  10. A big smile and finishing pose for the camera at the end of the race.
Training for Triathlon
A brick session is a great way for you to get used to going from riding to running and I would hope that you will do at least one before your triathlon. It is not necessary as a newbie to practice doing the whole triathlon before the race, although if you are worried about doing the distances or just want to do well, you may like to do it once before you race.
Generally athletes would do two or three “mini” tris of shorter distance than race distance in training. But don’t do it within a week of your race as you want to be fresh to go as hard as you can.
So how do we do a brick session?
Well the best way is when you have finished a training ride, you will go straight into a run. It doesn’t have to be the distance of the triathlon, perhaps 500m to 1km depending on the distance of your race. More experienced triathletes may do as much as a 40km ride and then run off the bike up to 10 km, but for newbies and weekend warriors, a shorter run and ride will be enough.
Practicing a brick session one to two times before you race should be sufficient to get you there.
Also practice your transitions, an example of that is running to your bike and getting helmet and gear on quickly. Fast transitions mean faster overall finishing times and often you can make up a lot of time by running from the swim to transition, running with your bike to and from dismount and also not putting on socks and running straight out, but this is of course your choice of how you want to race.
The most important thing of all to remember though is, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, but how good you look when you cross the finish line!
So practice your finishing pose and goodluck!

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