What is the 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge?

This program is one of a kind and designed to assist with weight loss, increase energy levels, revitalise your body and allow you to feel healthier than ever! It is simple! All you need is a blender fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and 10 minutes of your day to prepare and blend!

The program includes how to make green smoothies, 7 different delicious recipes, a smoothie shopping list, suggested weekly meal plan to guide you through the week and a weekly exercise routine to follow.

“I recommend the 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge to anyone that wants to make a change to their body and feel better about themselves. The Green Smoothie Challenge left me feeling more energetic and alive. I Felt like my body got rid of the bad toxins within it and was taken over by all the goodness on the green smoothies.I also lost weight and was left feeling fantastic. I will be carrying on with this challenge in my everyday life to continue what I have started. Thanks so much Sammy.”
Renee. S

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“What I absolutely loved about the Green Smoothie Challenge was the awareness that I gained around just how many unnecessary foods and calories had crept into my diet.  So easy for this to happen if you are busy or you are constantly on the run.  It was a great cleanse of my body too.  I gave up coffee, dairy and alcohol and I actually discovered that my body feels so much better without this stuff.  I have not returned to coffee or dairy (I still love a red wine occasionally) and I can totally notice a difference to bloating and my skin.  If you habits are all over the place and you could do with a complete cleanse and reset of your focus, this is absolutely perfect.  Thanks Sammy for helping me to get back on track with my nutrition”
Jen Forster

Why 7 Days of Green Smoothies?

Green Smoothies are thriving amongst the community of health seekers and fitness lovers and I know they are looking for more ways to get healthier, get fitter, and of course get slimmer. 7 Days is achievable, you can choose a week that is going to suit your lifestyle and social commitments. This program has been created to encourage and motivate others to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle with ease. To create healthy habits with a balanced, nutritious and fulfilling weekly meal plan that is completely sustainable day to day.

Green Smoothies allow you to ensure your intake of green leafy vegetables are plenty, they are packed full of fresh summer fruits and you will most definitely keep up on your daily hydration and fluids.

Leafy greens are an essential part of our diet that help us stay young, lower our cholesterol levels, help fuel our bodies, increase bone density and are a preventative measure for colon cancer.


What I love about Green Smoothies?

I love the convenience it is to have all of my fruit and veg previously chopped and prepared to just throw in the blender add water/coconut water and ice, blend and pour into my glass,shaker or drink bottle if I am on the go.

The energy boost I get is amazing. On my own 7 day green smoothie challenge, I trained every day at a moderate to high level of intensity and not once did I feel exhausted or fatigued

Not only that but they are full of antioxidants, your overall health of your body will increase along with the assisted weight loss.

And I finally ridded my cravings for sugar, dairy and wheat.

Your body will be transformed from the inside out!

My passion for helping others with their health and fitness goals is larger than life. I have a mission to change lives and making us all happier, healthier and fitter every day, and for the rest of our lives.

I love being able to motivate others to be the best they can possibly be, I am driven on passion for helping others and watching their journey unfold as they transform themselves.

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Get your 7 day green smoothie challenge

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