How focusing on being POSITIVE can help you achieve your goals!

How focusing on being POSITIVE can help you achieve your goals!

Without a doubt we all know that our mind has the power to control our body. Using positive affirmations to help you achieve your health, fitness and life goals will put you on a much quicker path to getting to where you really want to be! It’s a very relevant topic with our 12 week challenge happening at the moment, at least 20 people from our Pursuit Fitness family have put themselves and their goals out there in a bid to challenge themselves not just physically but mentally as well.

Along the way they are going to hit points where the motivation starts lacking, they may miss a session here or there or negativity starts setting in if they aren’t seeing enough results. Its easy to become negative when things aren’t going the way you want or as fast as you’d like but its at this point when it’s the most important time to surround yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations to get you back motivated and wrap your head around what you have to do to achieve your goals.

Use a space on the wall or fridge, somewhere you will look everyday, and stick up things relating to your goals or where you want to be. For example it might be a picture of you at your goal weight. I also think its nice to have a picture of a body shape that you know is achievable and is of you, instead of putting a picture up of Miranda Kerr which may be unrealistic. You want to be able to feel good in yourself when your get to that size rather than disheartened about not having a supermodel body, when really you may be looking awesome in your own body shape.

On your fridge or wall you can also put up positive sayings or quotes, I find them really great to keep motivation up and make you realise your doing a great thing for yourself and your body and to just stick with it. At the moment I’m loving, which is basically like a pinboard for yourself, which friends can see as well, you can also see other peoples boards which might inspire you. I know a few clients have been on the website lately and its really good to be able to see what inspires them. Its full of quotes, pictures, receipes, workouts and heaps more, plus you can pin absolutely anything you like on your board, your own pictures, things from other websites…anything!

When you start visualising yourself at where you want to be at the end of your goal then the closer you are to reaching it. If you can feel and see yourself being those things than there’s no doubt in my mind you will get there!!  Stay Positive and Happy Guys and Keep up the good work!

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