Maximize your results by finding a training partner!

Maximize your results by finding a training partner!

Training day in day out slugging away at the pavement, and pushing weights, well lets be honest sometimes it can get a little uninspiring and repetitive. Finding a training partner may be the thing you need to get the results your looking for. Whether it may be a friend, someone from group or your spouse, someone to join forces and train with can really help you add a new dynamic to your weekly workouts.

First and foremost a partner will hold you ACCOUNTABLE. There are going to be days when most people don’t feel like working out. Maybe work is hectic, and time could be spent elsewhere. Maybe you are just lazy that day. Regardless of the reason, time-to-time most people will miss a session here or there. Missing a session on the rare occasion won’t hurt you in the long run, but it’s when sessions start being missed on a regular bases that your results are going to slow down. Train consistently and you will get consistent results. If you know someone is waiting on you, you will be much more likely to get your butt out of bed and into gear. Accountability will work both ways, there may be days where you might be the one that has to drag your friend/spouse out of bed, and in the end you both know you will feel better for it.

So now you have the accountability to get to training, now bring on the MOTIVATION to push it hard when your there! You really want to make sure you pair up with someone who is going to have your best interests and results in mind, someone who is going to push you through those last few more reps when you would normally stop. A little bit of encouragement at the right time goes a long way and you can be there for each other when one starts to fade. It really is amazing what your body is capable, the thing that normally stops us first is that voice in our head. Let your partner be the other voice that says, “KEEP GOING!” And of course visa-versa!

A little bit of COMPETITION never hurt anyone. There’s nothing better than having a training partner with equal or similar strength and cardio levels as you. It may just spark a little fire into the workouts, going head to head in a run or rep to rep in lifts, will help you both have an intense workout. Even if you are aren’t an exact match in fitness levels, training with someone who is stronger can help you push past your personal bests.

No more BORING workouts! Training shouldn’t be a chore, it should be part of your life, a way to stay fit, happy and healthy, having someone to do it and share it with will turn your boring run days into fun days! Sometimes cardio can get monotonous, however many cardio sessions can easily be shared, for example, walking, running, cycling etc. It’s also nice to catch up as well and stay in touch with each other.

Those who PLAY together, STAY together. When a couple commits to a shared lifestyle, the benefits are going to be endless. I’ve seen it so many times when couples both start training and leading a healthier lifestyle together, more than just their bodies change. Most of the time their relationship with each other sees just as many benefits. Less fighting because your both less stressed and happier-probably half the time too worn out from training to fight anyway haha! You are both on board with eating nutritional and healthy food, which will help you both see results. You can both console each other when you are sore from training, and feel each others pain. The list goes on.

So now you have finished reading this – Go out and find a training partner and get MOVING!!

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