Alkalise for energy and permanent weight loss!

Forget yo-yo dieting and calorie counting for weight loss and start working with your body’s chemistry to lose weight quickly once and for all. By gently bringing your body into an alkaline state you slowly start to change the internal environment and allow it to heal. Once this chemistry changes stubborn fat will melt off like butter!

Crash course in acid and alkaline Ph scale: The Ph scale refers to the power of hydrogen and is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. The neutral area is number 7 and anything under that is more acidic, while the anything over is more alkaline.

Weight gain is one of the ways that bodies can “adapt” to a build up of excess acidity. We are producing acids all the time just by existing and if additionally we start eating and drinking acid forming foods and drinks our body’s ability to adapt can become overloaded.

When the acids can’t get out through a slowed liver and cleansing system, some people’s body’s start to warehouse them in fatty tissue. Alternatively, in super skinny people’s bodies they actually start to eat into the body and “burn it up”, making them too thin. You’ve seen those people that can eat anything they want and not gain a kilo!? Their body isn’t storing the acids in around the tissues, instead their bones and muscles are slowly being attacked for the minerals to buffer all the acid and that is not what you want either!

In order to lose weight effectively you have to be mindful of how much acid you consume. The body creates fat in order to trap and neutralize acid. So, if your diet consists of lots of meats, dairy, grains, coffee, soft drinks, ect. your body needs fat in order to stay alive! You won’t lose weight like you want no matter how much you work out!

Exercise increases the production of acids, such as lactic acid. So if you are not off setting the damage with alkaline foods and beverages the body cannot recover or heal and ultimately keeps storing the acid waste around your fat cells; therefore making them appear larger in size and making them difficult to break down and use for fuel.

How do you begin to alkalise? Well there are quite a few ways to getting alkalization happening but here are the simple top 2 ways:

  1. Start by thinking Green! Minerals and chlorophyll are the contributing factors to whether a food or beverage is acid or alkaline. So make sure most of your diet consists of raw green veggies or juices. Make the food you eat 80% raw and 20% cooked and focus on high mineral consumption.
  2. You MUST consume an adequate amount of water daily, usually around 2+ liters a day. Most don’t even come close to that and dehydrate themselves even more with coffee’s or other acidic beverages of choice. And check your water to make certain it’s not been pumped full of poisons like Chlorine and Fluoride, instead choose spring water with a Ph of at least 7 or higher.

There’s so many more tips I can give you but you are off to a good start if you can do those 2 to begin with! More to come!


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