12WC Winners: September–December 2012

Before and after photo of male challenge winner Dave
Before and after photo of male challenge winner, Dave.
Weight lost: 9.3kg
Centimetres lost: 51cm
Bodyfat percentage lost: 8.3%

After taking a break from training for several months to allow some recurring injuries time to heal completely I found I had turned into a couch potato. I had gained over a kilo a month while not training and I had gone from an occasional dietary indiscretion to daily chocolate and chips. along with the poor diet and expanded waistline came an increase in work stress and poorer quality of sleep.

The 12 week challenge was the ideal opportunity to change my undisciplined ways and refocus myself to a healthier lifestyle.

A mid challenge setback due to a back injury meant I was unable to participate in Pursuit training sessions for over a month. Luckily it didn’t occur earlier in the challenge as it may have derailed my progress. by the time of the injury I had already redeveloped the exercise and dietary habits I had lost and continued exercising in a controlled environment at my local gym -a boring substitute for Sammy’s and Melissa’s sessions.

I beat all my goals but more importantly i have improved my health and well-being and rediscovered the enjoyment I get from training and keeping fit.

Before and after photo of female challenge winner Sam
Before and after photo of female challenge winner, Sam.
Weight lost: 7kg
Centimetres lost: 69cm
Bodyfat percentage lost: 5%

Prior to commencing this challenge I sat at my desk all day, picked at the wrong food and if I was stressed I would eat chocolate. I was living away from my friends, I started to feel depressed so I ate more and gained more weight.

The week challenge was the best decision I could have ever made. I weigh less than I have in 15 years, I feel so much better and more confident in myself.

It has been hard work but so worth it and I am definitely going to continue.

Thank you so much, Sammy & Melissa for your support, patience and encouragement.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Before and after photo of overall challenge first runner up Kerri
Before and after photo of overall challenge 1st runner up, Kerri.
Weight lost: 5kg
Centimetres lost: 44.5cm
Bodyfat percentage lost: 6.5%

After losing 15kg and maintaining the loss for 2 years, over the last 18 months I unknowingly fell back into the trap of putting my work first and in no time at all I had re-gained 5kg and got very depressed that I had allowed myself to relapse.

I chose PURSUIT fitness because I wanted to get fit and build a new lifestyle.

PURSUIT has helped me to gain confidence, I have an increased vitality and I am excited to see the cm’s decrease. I have met a fantastic bunch of people who motivate and inspire me and I have learnt so much about nutrition along the way.

I have adopted and embraced the lifestyle change and I look forward to a future of fitness and clean eating… Thank you Sammy & Melissa

Before and after photo of overall challenge second runner up Juanita
Before and after photo of overall challenge 2nd runner up, Juanita.
Weight lost: 5kg
Centimetres lost: 58.5cm
Bodyfat percentage lost: 5%

12 weeks ago I actually didn’t think I would be able to commit to this challenge – especially since I had dropped out the last time I tried.

I have done it and I am feeling like a totally different person.

I have so much more energy and focus in every aspect of my life.

PURSUIT Fitness have given me so much support ad more than jusat pushing me train more and eat cleaner, they have taught me such valuable new positive tools in goal setting, staying focused, and keeping a positive mindset.

I couldn’t have done this on my own, I love training with such a positive fun and focusd group of people and have made great friends. Thanks

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