12WC Winners: September-November 2013

Before and after picture of 12 week challenge winner Sam
Before and after photo of challenge winner, Sam.
Before and after photo of first runner up Chris
Before and after photo of challenge 1st runner up, Chris.
Before and after photo of challenge second runner up Jacinta
Before and after photo of challenge 2nd runner up, Jacinta.

Coming from an overweight and inactive family, for most of my life I have felt like I was fighting a losing battle with my weight. Before I started this 12 Week Challenge I was one of my lowest points…  where I realised I had completely lost control. I was about 19kg heavier than I was less than 2yrs ago and feeling completely defeated.  I had joined a new gym but found I hated going there. I bought expensive home exercise equipment that I never used. I realised that I had stopped enjoying being active. At one point I enquired about a previous 12 Week Challenge with Pursuit Fitness but at the time I couldn’t commit.  I remained on their email list and regretted not participating after seeing all the amazing results 3 months later. My head just was not in the right place at the time and I simply could not handle starting something else and failing at it all over again.

Having to take the before photos of myself in that state was REALLY confronting. The first couple of training sessions just after those photos were taken almost broke me.… it was such an emotional time. After a few days I found my feet and realised what a great thing I was on to. I really liked the variety of sessions and the group of people that I was now spending time with. It was something COMPLETELY different, I was working out in an environment where I was being pushed to my absolute limits, outside of a gym and without judgement.

I went into this challenge thinking only of weight-loss and the superficial benefits of what this program offered. Whilst at the end of this 12 weeks I am happy with my numbers, I feel that I have gained a lot more than I initially expected. I feel A LOT more confident and so much stronger (physically and emotionally) than I have been in a long time. I am performing better at work, am eating better, I have more energy and feel more in control. Most of all I am just so excited by the fact that I am finding physical activity enjoyable again. I actually look forward to my group sessions when I’ve always just known exercise to be a chore… that in itself is a huge win for me J.

I cannot express how much I respect the trainers that have supported all of us through the challenge! What a great thing they have going on, am so glad I found Pursuit!

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