Mum-FIT Postnatal Group Training

Mum-FIT Postnatal Group Training

Want your Pre-Baby Body Back??? Then this is for you!

Specialising in POST NATAL exercise, we are the people to see to get you back to being your fit and health self again. And you can BRING YOUR BUB with you!! Put your bub in the pram and your all set. Similar to our group training environment, you will love the support from other mums that are there for the same reason as you.

Nutritional coaching included, you will be feeling great and looking even better after only months since giving birth.


We offer Unlimited Group Training Sessions
from $33 to $49 per week including all of the added extras


We can also offer Mum’s & Bub’s Group Training Session Passes
5 Session Pass $100 or 10 Session Pass $200 (with expiry date)


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