Low GI (Glycemic Index) VS High GI Diet

Think back to many, many years ago, I’m talking the era your great, great grandparents lived in, and how they ate day to day. Nearly every meal was prepared in the home and come straight from the ground, garden or tree. It wasn’t anything like what we eat today, processed, store-brought, instant food which has been changed so much from its original form it no longer contains all the nutrients it once did. Our ancestors were eating low GI foods naturally, not just from a packet labelled low GI!!

It was a time where food was already nutrient rich, which hadn’t been processed in any way, most of the processing happened after you ate. Your body takes time to process the complex carbohydrates, fibre and healthy built-in nutrients and oils that the food naturally contains. This means the body has a gradual release of sugars to the bloodstream, which leaving you feeling full and satisfied until the next time you eat. This way of eating is the way nature intended and sadly as time has past most of us have forgotten to eat this way.

What happens these days is a lot of us end up getting busy with day to day chores that eating becomes ‘the quicker and easier, the better.’ So heavily processed, High GI foods, become the norm which just end up playing havoc with our bodies. These High GI foods digest to quickly which causes your blood sugar levels to spike dramatically, which your body responds to by releasing large amounts of insulin. Rather than lowering your blood sugar levels to a normal level, they plummet. So your on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, and can potentially send your body into a state of insulin resistance….along with weight gain and bad health.

So understanding all this can actually help us see why we need to change the way we eat, simplify our diet and be smart about what we are putting into our bodies. Leaving us healthy, slim and energized! So when you are doing the weekly grocery shop look out for foods which you know are fresh or aren’t highly processed, it can be tricky because even some packages labeled ‘Low GI’ can be high in bad fats, additives, colouring or preservatives. Check the full ingredient list! Pack your trolley full of fruit, non-starchy vegetables, different types of beans and peas, All-bran, brown or long-grain rice (just eat at lunch or before remember), fat-free milk, low-fat yogurt, lentils and their is many more. Its easy to remember if it doesn’t look like it original form or it’s a different colour than it should be, leave it on the shelf. Treat you body nicely and it will treat you well back.


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