Stay Motivated this Winter

Stay Motivated this Winter

Winter is here and this is usually the time people start to drop off from their usual routine of good nutrition and consistent training. So how do we make sure that all your hard work through summer doesn’t go to waste and your skinny jeans fit you all the through winter and into the warmer months. I can’t believe how awesome everyone is looking lately especially those who have just completed the12 week challenge-I find myself constantly checking you all out ha-ha! What we want to make sure of though, is that you can continue on this healthy path and continue your fantastic progress.

Losing motivation in winter just because its dark and cold can derail and those months of healthy habits, leaving you dreading getting back into togs come summer time (and believe me summer comes around pretty quick on the coast!) So here are some ideas to help you through winter brrrrr…

Invest in Some Warmer Gear!! Now last year this is something I didn’t do and I am making sure it doesn’t happen again. Fair enough we aren’t in Melbourne or Sydney where its ridiculously freezing but at the times we normally train with group etc, it will still be dark and is already chilly, especially some of the weight barbell’s and dumbell’s they can get quite cold to handle. Invest in a pair of gloves, make sure they were thermal ones as some of the woollen ones don’t block out the cold too well and if they get wet from the frost etc your hands may just be worse off. A beanie is also something to pull out of your cupboard. I always remember my parents telling me that you loose all your heat from your head so if your head is warm you will be too. Make sure you invest in some long pants and a good jumper-Waterproof is good! Layer your warmer gear up so that when you warm up you can easily strip down to your regular gear.

Stay Committed!! Winter is not the time to have a break from training. A small break will turn into 3 months and what is the point in wasting half your summer trying to get your body back to where it was. Imagine if you kept your progress going through winter how great you would look and feel, while everyone’s calling their personal trainers back up to book back into the next challenge before Christmas! Stay on the right track, continue your usual sessions, get a train-ing partner to hold you accountable, Climb a mountain, do something extra like Bikram yoga where your literally exer-cising in a hot (37 degree) room-yes please!!

Watch what you Eat!! To get your energy levels up your really need to be having well balanced meals- avoid all that comfort food like hot pies, bread, pastas and warm pastries, which can be enticing but wont help your cause. It will leave you feeling tired and the weight will start to creep back on! Instead make some other delicious warm food to keep your cosy, try out some new homemade soups this winter and then post them up on facebook so we can all try them!!

Finally, you are the company you keep, so surround yourself with like-minded individuals who also want to stay on fit and healthy during winter and you will be less likely to fall off track!

Happy Training through these cool Winter Months!!


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