Supplements & Vitamins

Supplements & Vitamins

Up until recently I wasn’t taking anything in the way of supplements/vitamins, apart from my daily protein shakes. I would just rely on my food to give me all the nutrients I needed to keep my body and muscles in good condition. It’s pretty well known that my body constantly breaks down on me- I swear I am a 24 year old in an 80 year olds body! Injuries seem to love me, much to my disgust. The past 2 years has been a learning curve trialing various remedies, therapies, and surgery all the get the biomechanics of my body working the way they should. Sometimes you find you body will just jump into things and perform the way it should and sometimes you need to give it a little help. After trying massage/dry needling/kinesio taping from the same practitioner, I found out that my muscles were much tighter and tense than they should be. I had also experienced some cramping in my calves, which I linked to my injured foot. When muscles are tight or sore or even injured you will usually compensate and walk/run a certain way to ease the pain on that area, this can lead to more problems arising elsewhere. So the practitioner recommended I include some supplements into my day to try to increase bone density, relax my muscles a bit and get fluid moving around my joints. So I have been taking Calcium and Magnesium, Fish oil and for an immune booster Ki Tablets. I can see huge benefits since taking these daily.

Magnesium and Calcium has many benefits. Mainly it supports healthy bones and muscles. This is so important if you are training consistently, without strong and healthy bones and muscles, putting stresses through your body day in day out can eventually lead to injuries. You will find if you are deficient in Calcium/Magnesium you may experience muscle spasms, cramps, soreness and fatigue. After taking these for a week or two I started to see huge improvement in the tension in my calves! My muscles relaxed a lot more and I actually can’t remember having any muscle cramps since then.

Fish oil is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are an important part of a healthy diet and they include a huge amount of health benefits. It assists to help relieve joint swelling and inflammation. Helps you to maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular function. All-important to keeping your body in tip-top condition and giving you the chance to perform your best at training!

If you have been feeling under the weather lately, then I can highly recommend Ki immune defense & energy tablets! My mum put me onto them about 6 months ago when I was so completely run down, I had been sick for weeks and couldn’t shake it. I found myself searching all through the day for moments I could have a power nap. Literally starting feeling better days after starting on them and now they are just part of my daily routine to keep my immune system strong. They included natural ingredients such as Olive leaf, Shitake Mushroom and Astragalus! I have since told loads of people about them and it has really seemed to help them as well!

So I would be interested to know any other supplements or vitamins you guys have found to work for you?

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