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  • Thank you Pursuit team for giving me the tools I need

    Thank you Pursuit team for giving me the tools I need

    Jemima H

    Alexandra Headlands, Qld
  • Pursuit Fitness provides such great support to achieve your results

    Pursuit Fitness provides such great support to achieve your results

    Natalie T

    Kawana, Qld
  • We are now equipped with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle

    We are now equipped with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle

    10 months ago my 16 year old daughter came to me asking for help to lose weight and feel better about herself.She felt uncomfortable about going to the beach with her friends and hated going shopping for clothes. She had tried the gym but wasn’t motivated.
    I needed to find someone willing to take on a teenager and her mum and motivate us both to make healthy changes to our lifestyle. Sammy and Pursuit fitness was recommended to me and well the rest is history………
    From the moment we met Sammy we knew we were on the right path. She relates easily to people, makes you feel comfortable and adapts programmes to meet individual needs.
    Assessments of our fitness and nutrition were taken, realistic goals were set and off we went. Sammy provided us both with the confidence to change the way we thought about food and fitness. She is always there to motivate us, make it fun and make sure we are doing everything correctly to prevent any injuries.
    Over the last 10 months those goals have been met and exceeded and new goals set. I now have a happy outgoing daughter who has never felt better about herself. She has shed 10kgs and dropped 3 dress sizes. Our fitness has improved dramatically and we are now equipped with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    I would recommend Sammy and Pursuit fitness to anyone of any age who is looking to make changes to improve their lifestyle.
    Thank you Sammy

    Ellie and Michelle G

    Buderim, Qld
  • My strength and fitness improvement have been beyond my expectations

    I started training with Sammy at Pursuit Fitness 15 months ago. When I started, I was 20kg overweight, had recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was struggling with depression and anxiety. I had not exercised regularly in over 10 years, with numerous failed attempts at joining gyms and different weight loss programs. I joined Sammy to improve my physical health, however what I have recieved is so much more. The support and dedication Sammy provides is not limited to fitness and strength, but encourages a complete lifestyle change. My strength and fitness improvement have been beyond my expectations, so far losing 10kg and over 53 cm. My greatest achievement has been to change my way of thinking and my lifestyle. I went from exercising zero times per week to 5-6 times, I now eat a balanced and healthy diet and I make the time to prepare meals in advance to ensure I don’t get caught out. I have lower blood pressure and have been able to stopped taking medication for my depression and anxiety. All these improvements are why I have continued and will continue working with Sammy. I have started my lifestyle change and I want to continue to make improvements and reach my goals. I recommend Sammy to anyone who needs the support when I comes living a fit and healthy lifestyle, Sammy truly cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

    Liz D

    Maroochydore, Qld
  • Pursuit Fitness really gave me the drive to achieve my heath and fitness goals

    Pursuit Fitness really gave me the drive to achieve my heath and fitness goals

    When I started the 12 week challenge I was looking to kick start my fitness and reshape my body. I had been going to group training for some time but I started to notice that I was plateauing. When the challenge came round I knew it was exactly what I needed. With the help and advice that Sammy gave me throughout the challenge I saw the results I was looking for. Sure my body shape changed but the biggest thing for me was seeing my fitness levels improve beyond my expectations. I achieved all my goals that I set out for myself, such as completing my first 10km in under an hour. I always knew I could but Pursuit Fitness really gave me the drive to achieve it. I thank Sammy and the team at Pursuit for all there hard work, dedication and encouragement throughout the challenge. With their help I now not only have the tools that I need to continue developing my fitness goals but continue to do so with a amazing people around me.

    Natalie C

    Sippy Downs, Qld
  • You have helped me get into the best shape of my life!

    You have helped me get into the best shape of my life!

    My eyes are sparkling. I have a fresh renewed outlook on life. I have achieved goals I never though possible. My eating habits have changed significantly. My will power, drive and commitment to succeed has surprised even myself. I have completed a 180’ turn on the party girl I used to be. I feel grounded, content on who I am and proud of my achievements.

    The 12 Week Challenge was not always smooth sailing… there were moments when I strayed, moments when I felt discouraged but the important thing was getting back on track and remembering my goals. I don’t believe I could have done this so well without the encouragement and constant support from Sammy and her team at Pursuit Fitness.

    Gone are the days of being FOMO (fear of missing out) – now I look forward to going out there and tearing up the place in other ways! Watch out Mt Ngungun! Watch out Tough Mudder!

    I plan on PURSUIT-ing this new, wiser and improved version of myself further… new goals of ½ marathons and adventure mud runs have replaced previous goals which have been smashed out of the water!

    Thanks goes out to Sammy and her team at Pursuit Fitness for all of your ass kicking tough love and encouragement. You have helped me get into the best shape of my life!

    Renee P

    Buderim, Qld
  • I achieved great results thanks to all that Pursuit team!

    I achieved great results thanks to all that Pursuit team!

    I began training with the pursuit team in October 2013, when my daughter was 6 months old. At this point I could not even get up off the ground as my back was so weak and my core was none existent after having two caesars. Joining the pursuit team was one of the best decisions I have made, it transformed my eating, my motivation, my exercise and gave me the body I was looking for. The trainers where amazing in guiding me through exercises that healed my back and built my core strength, and now I have no back pain.
    The pursuit team are supportive, flexible and understanding of what’s happening in your life, yet they still push you and keep you focused on leading a healthier lifestyle. I lost a significant amount of weight and cms, and felt fantastic.
    At the end of 2014 I decided to participate in the 12 week challenge, this challenge helped me refocus and gave me a goal to achieve. I learnt a lot of new tools to help me loose even more weight and it taught me how to set goals and achieve them. The challenge was fun, with lots of like minded people who all wanted the same thing, to feel fantastic again!!! I lost even more weight and cms, and have been able to keep it off as I know what to do to maintain my body as well.
    I achieved great results thanks to all the pursuit team!!

    Bec W

    Coolum, Qld
  • Choose you, choose Pursuit!

    Choose you, choose Pursuit!

    When I started with Sammy, Melissa and the Pursuiters, I was sick of hating myself and being obsessed with my weight. For some, a weight obsession would stop them from eating rubbish, but not me, uh uh! I had tried a 12 week challenge 18 mths before, but it petered out like every other diet and weight loss fad I had tried. I lacked self discipline and I didn’t like myself. Then I met Sammy. She was so enthusiastic and helped me believe that my goal was possible. Not tomorrow, not next month, but with time and effort and discipline. Change your lifestyle, change your diet, change your life. Simple really, but oh so hard!
    Every day, I reminded myself to just do it.
    So here I am, a little lighter, a fair bit fitter, and nowhere near finished with my goals,but as a Chinese philosopher once said, even the longest journey starts with a single step.
    My first step was committing to myself. I have met some fantastic people, trainers and members alike, and I look forward to training (yes, it’s true!), so much so that I move heaven and earth to get to my regular groups. Once upon a time I was too busy to make time for myself, and the best thing I did last year was to choose me.
    Thanks Sammy, Melissa and Jo, and all the lentil girls (you know who you are!).

    Lynne J

    Mountain Creek, Qld
  • Life changing experience

    Thanks to Pursuit Fitness i am now happier than ever, im beginning to love my body and im watching my fitness levels increase every training session. I know that for the rest of my life i can make the right decisions to stay fit and healthy beacause of the knowledge i have gained, its a life changing experience.

    Jamie O

    Buderim, Qld
  • Impressed with what Sammy had to say

    Impressed with what Sammy had to say

    A close friend of mine suggested I give Sammy from Pursuit Fitness a call and see if she could help. I met with Sammy in June this year. I was impressed with what she had to say and agreed to start training with her… So, what have we achieved? I am now off all medication, have lost six kilos, reduced my body fat by 3% and taken 25 cm from my overall measurements. Have a better diet and am improving my posture and general body shape.

    John F

    Buderim, Qld
  • Group training session are fun

    I’ve been training with Pursuit Fitness for about 5 months now. When I started, I was happy with my weight but really wanted to tone up and increase my fitness level. I started on a 3 month program and by then end, saw great results in my fitness level and had decreased my body fat percentage by 5% and had lost a total of 24.5cm over my entire body.
    Group training sessions are fun, you are surrounded by a great group of people and every session is different.

    Sarah J

    Buderim, Qld
  • Full of life, motivating and encouraging

    I am the Queen of excuses! I have always wanted to “get fit” but have always managed to find an excuse not to. Luckily however I was blessed to have met a woman who would inspire me to get off my lazy butt and pursue my desire to get active. I met Sammy, who is full of life, motivating and encouraging. I have always dreaded getting fit and more so of not being capable of being able to do it, but meeting Sammy put all of those worries to ease… She encouraged me to come and try out the PURSUIT Fitness Group Training Sessions, that is all… try it out. So I thought ahh what the hell, I’ll give it a go, if I don’t like it I won’t go again. I have now been going to the Pursuit Fitness group training sessions for 7 months (and let me tell you “I wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy”).

    Melitta B

    Sippy Downs, Qld
  • Transformed my body inside and out

    Transformed my body inside and out

    After been flung from doctor to specialist, numerous misdiagnosis & ill guided training programs, I finally was introduced to Sammy and Pursuit Fitness through recommendation from my Gynaecologist.
    What followed was Sammy’s specialised pelvic floor and core strengthening training programme which transformed my body inside and out. I highly recommend anywoman who wants get fit and feel great about themselves (especially mums) to get Sammy to construct a personalised set of exercises to suit your needs. I was told by a doctor to have a hysterectomy 2 years ago –now I have just given birth to my 2nd child, complication free and recovery was extraordinary quick. I am back to my pre-baby body in no time!

    Janelle C

    Sippy Downs, Qld

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