As children we loved playing with our friends. As teenagers our friends became our world and even in some instances dictated our choice of activities. As adults we enjoy to be active and socialise with our friends and we also enjoy the partnership and friendship we have with our husbands, wives, or partners.

We have been a part of a social group or network and have had friends our entire lives, so it makes sense that naturally we would enjoy exercising with a group of people who in turn can become our friends also.

There are many benefits from Group Training such as:

Motivation  – You will always find motivation from working with another person on a project or in a team. We naturally have a competitive nature to be the best that we can be, we are all goal orientated so in turn finding motivation from others in a group environment during your training session to “catch up to the person in front of you” or “complete as many reps as you can to help out your team” or “finish off with 5 more”. Not only finding your “push your limits” type motivation but also being surrounded by like-minded individuals who also have to get up at 5am for training in the morning, they understand the way you are feeling, and they motivate you to continue because you have the opportunity to bond and form a fantastic friendship.

Accountability – Group Fitness Training allows you to not only be accountable to your trainer who takes the session but you inadvertently become accountable to everyone else who attends the group sessions. If you don’t show up for a couple of days, then for sure when you do show up there will be some questions for you to answer. Accountability is essential to your achievements and success. You can let yourself down so easily by not sticking to your original plan or goals, but letting someone else down is so much harder.
Routine – Having scheduled classes are great for those who like to stick to a routine. It is much easier to stick to a “plan of attack” and scheduled sessions than to allow yourself to make the decision on when to train.

Proper Instruction – Having an Instructed Group Training Session with a Qualified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Trainer, allows you to just turn up! An appropriate designed Group Session should include a warm-up, cool down, flexibility and of course the conditioning component. When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout that they know less about or are not their favourite exercise to perform. Furthermore your Trainer taking the session is not only designing the components of the class but also ensuring the intensity is appropriate for different fitness levels. As a Personal Trainer, it is important to encourage, motivate and push clients’ boundaries to help them achieve their goals.

Affordable – Affordability is big appealing factor when it comes to having a “Personal Trainer”, and Group Training is the most affordable option in comparison to one on one Personal Training Sessions. Not only do you still get the instruction from your Trainer but as a bonus you get to meet superstar people just like yourself. Lucky for the one on one clients of PURSUIT Fitness, we provide them with Unlimited Access to our Group Training Sessions along with their PT sessions.

Meet new like minded people – Humans are social butterfly’s, we love to chat and meet new people. The interaction with other participants will keep you motivated and interested during your sessions. Most people stay interested because of the social atmosphere that group training brings, it offers comradery and accountability at the same time.

It’s FUN!! – Being involved in a group and working in teams during your training sessions is FUN. Group Exercise appeals to so many people because of its diversity. You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard, and in no time you will be finished and feeling ready to face the world

Regardless of your passion or interest, what is most important is to move. Group Training offers an outlet for you to do that while having fun!Whether you have a lot of experience with workouts and fitness, or if you are just getting started, consider getting started with some Group Training Sessions.
The benefits of working out in a group setting are incredible and can make you more fit than you ever thought possible.


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