When there’s GOOD food in your fridge you will eat GOOD food!

When there’s GOOD food in your fridge you will eat GOOD food!

Tips on how to make it through the supermarket with the right foods in your trolley.

In fitting with the 12 week challenge ‘supermarket safari’ this week, we thought it was the perfect time to give you all some tips on how your can improve the way you eat by having the right foods in your pantry and that starts with what you put in your trolley at the supermarket.

Tip 1 – Organize your week (before you go)- Have a Meal Plan & Shopping List! Don’t go to the supermarket unprepared, you will end up getting too much food, not enough or all the wrong things! You need to sit down before you go and plan out all your breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. You can write this on a sheet of paper so it’s easy for you to follow for the week. On another sheet of paper write down what food you will need for all your meals and all ingredients for any of your recipes, be specific with quantities as well. It’s also helpful to put the ingredients into sections e.g. Fruit and veggies, meat, bakery and everything else.

Tip 2 – Cook more and freeze some- or use for snacks for the next day! If you struggling to think of what you can eat each day, when you are planning your meals for the week, you can always make more than the recipe says, that way you will have leftovers which you can use the next day or freeze for later. Then you have no excuses for missing snacks or meals during the day!! Plus it makes your life easier!

Tip 3 – Have a list on your fridge! This is great idea; as soon as you run out of something in your fridge or cupboard, write it down rather than leaving it to your memory-if your memory is anything like mine you will end up forgetting a few things! Better yet if you have a notes app or shopping list app on your phone use that!

Tip 4 – Don’t go to the supermarket hungry! I can bet this has already happened to nearly every one of you. Starving you walk through the aisle, for a start your probably lacking in energy because your body needs food and the first thing in your trolley is probably something highly processed and high in sugar.  Before you go have a nice healthy snack or meal something including some protein, that way you will feel satisfied for longer. You will make much better choices when going through the aisles.

Tip 5 – Go during slow times and read labels! Usually late at night or during work hours is a good time, after work at 5pm, paydays and before major holidays are the worst. If you have the time to browse around at your own leisure, this will give you a chance to compare foods/brands, check out the labels and look to avoid foods high in sugar, trans fat, sodium and cholesterol. Instead look for fiber, good fats, protein, vitamins and calcium. You might be quite surprised, the foods you think are healthy maybe not so.

Tip 6 – Know when the Supermarket stocks its fresh fruit and veggies! This is a really good tip, if you can find out it will save you wasting a lot of money chucking out food because it only stayed fresh for a day or two. I have noticed it myself a lot lately, we go on a Sunday afternoon as it the only time we both have free to do it and we can really notice the fresh food seems ‘not so fresh’ and some foods will be missing completely, it becomes very annoying when your fruit has gone bad in 2 days time when you go to eat it. Eating well is expensive and you wanting to be getting the most for your money!

Tip 7 – Go for whole foods! The less processed the better, try to stick to foods in their least processed forms, if you can go fresh instead of packaged you will reap the nutritional benefits, highly processed foods are usually low in nutrition and very high in sugar, sodium etc. Not good for the weight loss!

Tip 8 – Drink water. Skip the aisle with the soft drinks, cordials and iced teas etc. If you regularly drink these types of drinks, cut them out of your diet, drink water instead. It is much better for you and isn’t loaded with sugar!

I hope these tips help! Sammy

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